Hard-luck Chuck

I'd watched a couple of episodes of Chuck when it was on the air, and found it decent. A friend has been watching it a lot more, and convinced me to check it out a bit more thoroughly. I got the first season, and just finished watching it.

So, what to make of it? I'm not sure. I've definitely generally enjoyed watching it. The way that they deal with classified data, and such, is ludicrous. And their grasp of Constitutional issues is... weak, to say the least. And Sarah's cover is pretty bad, with her Porsche and expensive apartment, while working at a hot dog store.

It does generally manage to be pretty funny, though, and the interplay between Chuck and Sarah is pretty entertaining, if sometimes a bit strained.

I also like the human touch they try to add, not just in the Chuck and Sarah relationship, but also in how Chuck tries to deal with the various challenges thrown his way. Similarly, I mostly like what they did with Brice (except for the unbelievable ego of the man, directing Chuck's life like he did).

So, I think I'll at least watch another season sometime soon. One thing I keep thinking, though, is about the old show Moonlighting. I really, really liked the show, but it definitely dropped off a cliff when the two principles (Bruce Willis and Cybill Shepherd) finally got together. I suspect the same dynamic would apply here. And I wonder, without having watched too much, how they've managed to maintain that unstable situation over four seasons.

In any event, nothing to compare to Pushing Daisies, but still a good show.

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