I experienced my first earthquake this afternoon. It felt rather like the trucks that go by our house with regularity, except a bit more of it and lasting slightly longer. It also made a lot more noise from the house (particularly the garage door, it sounded like). Given that there was no damage while it was happening, and I was in my driveway, it was actually pretty neat.

When my wife got home with our (infant) son, I asked him about his first earthquake, but neither of them had noticed (they were likely driving at the time).

I was really surprised to hear the magnitude, a bit later. I had guessed right around 4.0, based on that's the point where damage generally starts happening, and that, while nothing broke, I wouldn't have been surprised to find things pretty close. So I was shocked (if very thankful) when they announced that it was a 5.9 (later revised down to 5.8). After going through the house pretty thoroughly, we found a couple of small things that fell down or over, but, luckily, nothing broken.

Weird year, this year, for sure. Freak macroburst taking out lots of trees, and leaving us without power for several days, and now an earthquake. We definitely live in interesting times.

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