Life Suppositions

One thing I forgot to mention in talking about Lost in Translation, yesterday: there was a scene where Johansson and Murray are talking, and she says, "I'm not sure what I'm supposed to do". I didn't think anything of it last time I watched the movie, but it bothered me this time, because I think it's entirely the wrong way to look at things.

"What can I do that I enjoy doing, and will make me enough money to live on" is, I think, a much better question. Or, if money is less of an issue, perhaps something closer to, "What can I do to help other people", which might well lead to something like the Peace Corps. (And as a side note, while I never did, or even considered, the Peace Corps, the people who I've met who've done it have uniformly impressed me. I'd definitely recommend it, if you're thinking about it.)

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