Great moments in sports writing

I was looking at the Post several days ago, and found two particularly silly things in the same day (last Wednesday).

First, we had Rick Maese talking about the Redskins troubles in the red zone (never mind that two games is far from enough to draw any firm conclusions about this), where we learned that game-plan is, apparently, a verb. There was this gem that ran, "Because it’s only preseason, the Redskins didn’t game plan specific red-zone plays...". Would it really have been that difficult to just say, "Because it’s only preseason, the Redskins didn’t plan opponent-specific (or, perhaps, defense-specific) red-zone plays..."? Which of those sounds like it came from a native English speaker?

And then we had Tom Boswell. As an aside, I see a lot of people online saying that they love Boswell, and wish he did a column every day; I don't get it. I more often find him idiotic. Case in point, on that day, he wrote, "My two-cent, two-eye verdict: He’s back. Almost all the way back, give or take some rust on his curve and issues with command that he will fix". Am I saying he's wrong with that statement? Well, yes and no. That probably is right, as to where he is in his recovery. But the problem with it is that that's always the last part to come back from ligament replacement surgery (and the most important). So his statement is a little like saying, "He's entirely recovered, except where he isn't". Duh.

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