A Penn-ful reminder on the season

I don't want to say a whole lot about it, but I was able to watch the Caps game last night.  Managed to catch two whole periods live, even.  Didn't write last night, because I was getting up very early to take pictures of the sunrise this morning.

Anyway, I was actually quite happy about how things went.  Despite their relative records, the Caps were not massively outplayed (to be clear, they were outplayed, but not by a huge margin) or outclassed.

I think Oates did a very good job of coaching; the Caps intercepted several passes in the first period where the pass is not what you would normally expect the players to do (so you wouldn't expect the defense to be looking for it; that they were was a credit to preparation, I think).

The best thing for the Caps, especially going forward, was that Laich and Dima both played.  Wolski is still in Oates' doghouse, unfortunately, but at least Perreault got a sweater.

And even though it's Pittsburgh, I'm reasonably happy with the Caps losing.  I really don't want management to keep looking at things, and saying something like, "They're still in it; let's not make any moves".

Now there are two games in Winnipeg coming up.  Losing both would pretty emphatically say that nothing good is coming of this season, so I wouldn't mind seeing that.

Hmm... my daughter's now about the same age I was when I first went to a Caps game... I should see about taking her to one this season.

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