Bad B-randing

For the most part, I think Senator (it still kills me to say that, and not in a good way) Rand Paul is, quite simply, batshit insane, especially when it comes to social issues. (Which is particularly galling, given that his professional background is in medical care where most of his patients were medicare recipients. You'd think that would give him a healthier (hah! I kill myself) perspective on those sorts of issues.)

But I wanted to say kudos to him for his filibuster yesterday over Brennan's appointment to the CIA. Drones are an important issue that is getting ignored far too much. The fact that (AG) Holder can't say, categorically, that is clearly illegal (actually worse, unconstitutional) just blows my mind. This idea that some sort of back-room deliberation that follows no known process would qualify as "due process" as guaranteed by the constitution would seem to be, on its face, absurd.

"Trust us" is not an acceptable response.

Let's hope that more Senators (and Congressmen, for that matter) start asking this question, because if the answer isn't "It's illegal", then we do not live in anything resembling a democracy.

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