I don't pay very close attention to them, but I do check up on my alma mater's hockey team from time to time.  This year was pretty up-and-down, as they were quite poor at the beginning of the season, but came on strong at the end to finish second in the conference (I was particularly impressed that they swept Clarkson and St Lawrence this year).

That led to playing Brown in the playoffs.  Brown isn't exactly a powerhouse; in fact, they're fairly regular opponents for the Big Red Freakout (RPI's equivalent of homecoming).  The first round of the ECAC playoffs consists of three games between the opponents, then single elimination after that.

Well, I listened to some of the first period Thursday, where they fell behind by a goal.  I missed the second period, where they tied it up, and the third.  That was mostly close, but they surrendered one goal just before the end, then gave up an empty-netter as well right after.

Last night, they won pretty cleanly, taking the game 6-2.

Tonight, because of the Caps game, that the team had done so much better without me listening, and because I wanted to take some pictures of the Kennedy Center, I deliberately didn't listen.

I shouldn't have bothered with superstition.  They surrendered two goals early, and ended up losing 3-2 despite outshooting Brown 48-17.  Makes me feel like screaming out, "Halaaaaak!"

Maybe we can finagle an at-large bid to the NCAAs again this year.  I'd be surprised, but then, this looks to have been a much better team than last year, so who knows?

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