Learning slowly

I'm still sorting through the pictures I took on our trip to Hong Kong, and a couple of things have jumped out at me.

The first is that I'm not used to shooting in full daylight.  That leads to some options for editing that I'm not used to having.  It's also nice, in that I rarely need to run noise-reduction software on the pictures.

The other thing is that I should have done something to have a flash handy.  Too many shots with just backlighting, where a flash, especially one off the camera, would have done wonders.

What I needed to do about that was to use the belt system that I've thought about (well, ok, I actually bought it, but haven't used it yet), keep a flash in there, with this little doohickey (scroll down to the second picture) and a cable on hand.  Then I could have easily pulled it out and used it quickly.  Live and learn.

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