We hear he is a whiz of a wiz...

A friend asked if we wanted to go to the Wizards game tonight; we were in a group with lots of kids, and the older kids got to go down to the court and high-five the wizards as they returned from halftime (this is the best picture I have of her; a security guy was standing between us when the players were going through, and I couldn't move).

I can't say as I was exactly riveted by the game; it was very sloppy on both sides.  But the kids had a really good time, and the Wiz won, so it wasn't a total waste.  And it was a very close game; the biggest lead I noticed, by either side, was seven points.

The only downer was that Bradley Beal hurt himself, and had to be carried off the court.  Unfortunately, I didn't see what happened in the play, and they refused to show a replay (not sure why; everything stopped for a couple of minutes, and the scoreboard screen wasn't even showing anything).

Oh, and the sound effects were too loud a few times; my daughter did get upset at that.  And at the fire that shot up at the very beginning.

Despite that, we had a good time.

Update: It appears that Beal's injury was just a sprained ankle.  Glad to hear it wasn't something more serious.

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