I was recently introduced to the photography-centric webcomic, What the Duck.  I'm currently working my way backwards through the strip archives, and can't believe I didn't know about it before.  Despite being a weekly (well, now it is; it was a daily at one point), it has over 1400 strips, so it's been going for a while.

I must admit, it has me even more pessimistic about being able to make money from photography, but it is pretty funny.  But this strip I found especially funny.  Not because I've ever shown my kids a phone that old before, but because they (my son, especially, who's two) will pick up basically anything camera-ish-sized, hold it in front of their face, and say, "Say 'Cheese'".

(My one complaint about the strip, btw, is that there are no forward- or backward-navigation buttons through the archive.  Very annoying.  And the calendar widget for selection allows clicking on any day, not just a day with a strip.)

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