Judging listening?

I was reading Greenwald's latest notes on NSA spying, and had an odd thought.

When cases come up in court (like the ACLU's case that it has been unjustly spied on, and that that makes the ACLU's business difficult, if not impossible, to pursue), many of the judges likely to rule on the issue are going to, themselves, be Verizon customers. So they will know that THEY have been spied on, as well.

I wonder how that will affect their rulings. Or will the government push to have judges who aren't Verizon customers deciding. The latter would certainly make for some interesting arguments.

Also, for anyone thinking of taking the government oversight review panel even a little bit seriously, check out this summary that Glen points out. In it, you can easily see that this is actually an in-house review that will be focused on excuse-making, not an independent one focused on accountability.

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