EPL Thoughts

I did finally get to watch some football over the weekend. I had the Man U/City tilt saved on the DVR (although I accidentally found out the final score on that one beforehand, and turned it off at 3-0), then watched the City/Villa matchup (then the last minute or two of Man U losing to... West Brom, I think?).

I thought City/U was kind of going to be a bellwether for the season, but with both teams following up with losses, probably not.

Just realized, didn't see van Persie. Have to look into whether he's injured. If he is, that's one hell of a big loss.

Might partially explain City outpossessing Man U to a degree commensurate with the final score. Of course, you never know, as Villa was similarly outpossessed by City, but still pulled off the upset.

It sure caught me off-guard. Terrible defense on the go-ahead goal. And the second goal, IIRC, was a pretty fluky one.

Certainly nothing for City to worry about long-term, although I haven't looked at the standings.

Wow, ok, just did look at them. City at 6th and Man U at 12th. Definitely didn't see that coming, although would certainly predict some drop-off from Man U with Fergie leaving. And City already has the best goal differential, so that certainly bodes well for their championship hopes.

Does look like I should be paying a bit more attention to Arsenal and Liverpool. We'll see, now that I've finally remembered to get the DVR set to autorecord.

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