Lineup (for now) Complete

Well, I read in the paper yesterday that MarJo has finally been signed by the Caps.  Yay.

And the cap hit isn't bad, at $2M/yr.  That's about where I was expecting things to go (give or take a couple hundred thousand); he just didn't have any leverage, even though that's probably slightly below what he deserves, based on his play.

I'm glad to see it, although with only $700k cap space left, I'm not sure what the Caps will be able to do for the rest of the season.

That is, they're in pretty decent shape, but could really use another defenseman to push Erskine down to the third pairing, and don't have the money.

There's also the possibility of Kuznetsov coming over after the Olympics.  I don't think there's any money for that, either.

But, in the grand scheme of things, these aren't terrible problems to have.  Maybe McPhee can convince the Toronto brass that they need another heavy-weight knuckle-chucker.  Honestly, with his contract, I'd be happy to see him traded for a bag of pucks (sorry, John.  I don't think you're a bad player, but you're heavily overpaid for what you bring to the table).

And there's also the thought of Wilson.  Not sure how things work if he comes up after the OHL season ends, but they definitely can't afford the cap hit to bring him up to start the season.  Again, not a terrible problem to have.

I think the Caps are in great shape if Dima can work his way back up to the Show, although last season is certainly worrisome in that regard.  But his showing two seasons ago certainly leaves room to hope.  But if he can't, they're going to be pretty exposed defensively.  We'll keep our fingers crossed.

Oh, and it was definitely weird to find out about a roster move in the paper.  Definitely wouldn't have happened on a weekday.

Update: Heard yesterday that Kuznetsov has another shoulder injury, though should be back soon enough to still compete in Olympics (assuming it doesn't keep him from making the team, of course).

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