Let's hear it for small favors

I was very happy to hear, this morning, that Larry Summers has withdrawn his name from consideration for Fed Chairman.  I was shocked; I figured, with Obama liking him, that he was a shoo-in.

I did hear about the three Dems on the Senate Banking committee expressing serious reservations about him, but I didn't think it'd be enough to derail him.  Certainly not so quickly.

Anyway, this is fantastic news.  Now we might not get a Wall Street insider in charge.  That would be a huge change for the better.  It seems that the current Vice Chair, whose name escapes me now, is the most likely candidate.

I don't know a lot about her, but I did see a comparison of their records on various issues, and she was much better.  So maybe there's hope.

Oh, and I can't find it now, but Bernie Sanders (one of those three, from Vermont) had a fantastic remark about how bad a choice Summers was.  I was amazed to hear such a direct rebuke.  Good times.

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