Surveying candidates

I'm a little disappointed to have not been surveyed more, but I was caught by a state poll today.  It was a little annoying how long it went on, but the questioning was kind of interesting.

It stayed pretty even-handed for most of the call, but then they asked whether certain things about (gubernatorial candidate) McCauliffe would turn me off on him.  And the certain things mentioned used some very inflammatory language.  I told them right then that they were engaging in push-polling.

Anyway, I wasn't surprised when, at the end of the call, they said that the survey was being conducted by the Republican governors association.  I suspect they weren't happen when I said that it was a certainty that I would be voting, and that there was no way in hell I would ever vote for Cuccinelli.  And that his lieutenant governor ticket was even scarier (a pastor who says that all religions except his own are the ticket to hell is not someone I want having any sort of temporal power).

Ah well, it's definitely a choice of the lesser of two evils (I don't think McCauliffe is all that great, but Cooch would be horrendous).  The libertarian candidate mostly doesn't sound too bad, although I'm not keen on his idea of gun control (yes, the drug war contributes, but not in a big way, outside of major gang violence).  But even if he sounded great, I wouldn't be voting for him; the chance of Cuccinelli winning is just too horrifying.  Sad, but true.

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