A note on Hasek

I remember Hasek being awesome, in his prime.  I knew he was the best in the league, but still wasn't aware of just how good he was.  This graphic, via twitter, points out a couple of things.

First, for six years in a row, Hasek was number one.  But more than that, his worst year was his only one that was worse than the best of the rest of the league, over that whole time span.

And that ignores how far above average he was, which is also pretty amazing.

Update: During Hall of Fame induction speech, Hasek gave a shoutout to the Caps new goalie coach, Mitch Korn.  Knew a bit about Korn's work in Nashville; hadn't realized he was Hasek's coach during that insane run.  Looking forward to seeing what he can do with Holtby and Gru.

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