Francophones, disunite!

I don't have a whole lot to say about the France/Switzerland game that followed.

It started out pretty even for the first fifteen minutes or so (aside from Swiss von Bergen needing to be subbed out in the fifth minute due to a bad cut around his eye).  But then all hell broke loose, as France scored two goals in about seven seconds (less time to celebrate, then move the ball back to center, of course).  The first was a pretty decent play, but the second was execrable execution by the Swiss.

Griezmann took the pass back from the circle, and went to pass back to the defense, but passed it directly to a Frenchman.  Matuidi ran it straight down, just left of center, and fired it past a still-shocked goaltender to double the margin.

From there, I was only paying half an eye's attention to the proceedings.  It seemed that Switzerland got a couple of ok chances (one of which Shaqiri blew by not getting a shot off soon enough), but not a whole lot.  But in the fortieth minute, the French scored a third goal, and that was enough for me.  I turned it off.

The final was 5-2, but when I turned it off was as close as it ever got, so I definitely didn't miss anything (particularly as I've never liked Les Bleus).  Very disappointing.

It just about assures France of moving on, and means the Swiss need to defeat Honduras.  I think it puts France in the top spot, so far, as well.

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