Phone update

Two more notes about the iPhone 5s's recently bought.  Battery life has not been nearly as good as I was hoping (feels worse than the iPhone 4 that was replaced).  And the other difference I've noticed is the additional memory (don't know what the difference is, but have definitely found it happen less often that an app needs to reload).

I suspect the battery life has a lot to do with LTE.  I've been killing it in terms of downloading.  Streaming from iTunes Match (finally figured out that enabling that involved going into app settings.  Still haven't noticed any progress in matching my library, though.  Bar hasn't visibly moved in several days, now) via LTE, then to car via bluetooth is incredibly cool to have as an option, but it chews battery life like you wouldn't believe (probably over 50% an hour; I need to do a controlled experiment).

Anyway, so far I've needed to charge daily (and not barely needed either).  That's not what I'm used to having happen.  Will have to keep monitoring.

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