NHL Awards amusement

I don't pay a lot of attention to end of season awards, in any league, no matter how much attention I might be paying to the games in that league.  But I'm a little amused by a couple things I'm seeing on Twitter.

Somehow, OV managed to finish tied for 23rd in Hart Trophy voting (one fifth-place vote).  That's pretty absurd.  I figured that was the lowest for a 50-goal scorer by a country mile, but I was wrong about that.

I only went back to 1980, but the only one close was Bondra, who managed to be 22nd in voting in 1995.  But he was one of eight 50-goal scorers that year.

Well, until I looked at scoring leaders each year.  Back to 1995, that was right, but every year before that there was at least one 50-goal scorer who didn't even rate a Hart vote.  I suspect that has to do with a combination of there being fewer guys voted on (currently there are five-man ballots), and certainly with there being a lot more 50-goal scorers back then.

The lowest finish I can find previously for the only 50-goal scorer (Perry: 2010, OV: 2008, Iginla: 2001, Bure: 1999) in the league is Bure's third-place finish.  The other three each won.

To be clear, though, I'm not saying OV should have won.  I agree that Crosby deserved to win.  I'm not even sure where I would have put OV if I were to make a list.  But I find it ridiculous that there was only one writer who thought OV was in the top five (and him (all the voters are men, right?), barely).

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