Bosnia just off from draw or win

The last game Saturday was Nigeria facing Bosnia-Herzogovina (sorry Herzegovina, hereafter just Bosnia).

And this was a very interesting game, tactically, as the Bosnians looked very good on the build-up, but the Nigerians looked very good on the counterstrike.

It looked like the Bosnians scored first, with Djeko on the tail end of a pretty passing play to score in the twentieth, but it was called back for being offsides.  Video replay, apparently (I didn't see it), said that that was bupkus.  In fact, not even close, according to the commentators.

Djeko almost had another in the 23rd, when he had a clean breakaway, but the goalie managed to stop him.

But Odemwingie put the Nigerians on the board only a few minutes after that, with a counterattack down the right hand side to a cross.

Both teams got good saves between the fifty-fifth and sixtieth minute, with Enyeama coming all the way out to the top of his box to stop Djeko, and Begavic making a great save to deflect a ball off-net.

Bosnia got one more very good chance just before stoppage, with Djeko's shot being deflected by Enyeama just enough to hit the woodwork and go back into the field of play.

But that was it; Bosnia certainly deserved better, and now needs to win, and for Argentina to win, to move on.  We'll see how that goes.

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