It's like Greased Lightnin'

After the Caps game ended, I finally relented to watching a movie with my daughter, and pulled out Bolt. I didn't know too much of what to expect; my only knowledge of it was from a trailer I'd seen before it came out. It looked funny, with significant likelihood of the hamster stealing many scenes, and that was enough for me to buy it (once I found it pretty cheaply, that is).

Oh, I think I knew some of the basic plot, too. I knew that he was a TV dog who didn't realize that it was SFX giving him super powers; I don't think I knew why he was outside of the TV show.

Basically, then, I knew almost the entire movie. The plot isn't exactly deep; Bolt needs to find "his person" (owner, the Miley Cyrus character), and finds out, in the process, that he isn't so super-powered. And yeah, the hamster he finds along the way stole many scenes (almost every scene he was in, in fact).

One thing that took me a while to spell out, in my mind, were the parallels to Inspector Gadget (Penny and her dog save her father). I realized there was something there I was missing as soon as they named the Miley Cyrus character, but it took me a while to figure out what it reminded me of.

Was the movie good? I enjoyed it quite a bit. As I said, not deep, but funny, frequently silly, and a little bit of feeling (though mostly of the sappy, Disney sort). I'll watch it again, sometime. Probably with my daughter, as she also liked it. Actually, before the end credits had finished, she was asking me to replay it, which is a first, for her.

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