Jet-ing strangeness

Played Jetpack Joyride earlier on my iPad. Battery died while playing. Ok, nothing unusual (well, hadn't happened before on iPad, I think, but many times on iPhone).

After it charged, I brought the game back up, and it had lost almost all of my stats. But it still had my items and my coins. Ok, that's weird. Weirder, while I was looking through the stash, I saw several achievement indicators go across the top of the screen.

Wait, which mission was I on? Brought up the mission list. It was the first three missions from the original game. Huh. But didn't I see...?

Yep, I saw the latest additions to the game in the Stash (Santa suit, etc).

So I'm not sure what's going on. Just for grins, I'm playing the original mission set, so I'll be able to post them again, in order, with difficulty levels for all of them. Soon.

Update: I forgot to mention; I don't mind losing most of what was lost. If the coins/possessions had been lost, I'd have been a lot more upset. All that I miss are a few of the achievements that were tough (germaphobe, in particular, but also tee hee two (now a secret achievement?) and bullseye), my longest run (was over 8km, and I've only gotten over 7km three or so times), and the list of tokens (but only because my odds of getting duplicates have now gone up).

Second update: Just noticed that the nice icons aren't (all?) there, as well.

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