Tradition, cntd

My wife and I traditionally watch Love, Actually sometime around Christmas time, as it's a perfect Christmas movie. Well, not perfect for having the kids watch it with you; it has an R rating, and, while I always forget that, definitely deserves it. This year we watched it late on Christmas Eve, and, as always, enjoyed it greatly.

I don't have too much to say about it, other than it being a fantastic movie, but did want to mention that it has a Dido song in the middle. Usually, that song catches me off-guard (I always forget that it's there), but this time I was looking forward to it starting. Also, this was the first year we watched it on blu-ray; the DVD was finally retired.

But I love movies of this sort, that tie together a lot of threads, and do it both subtly and blatantly. It's fun to catch new ties that I hadn't noticed before. Four Weddings and a Funeral is similar, in that vein. (Which reminds me; I haven't watched that one in quite a few years. That should be remedied.)

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