Thoughts on old Jetpacking

I mentioned that there were originally 62 missions arranged with 15 levels of progress in Jetpack Joyride. I meant to put together a list of them, so I'll put that at the end of this post. I should point out, though, that my list isn't in order; I never got around to sorting it.

And I should mention two small downsides to the new approach of picking missions of the game. Both are results of random selection: you can get a mission more than once, and there's no synergy between missions. To expand on the latter point, in the old set, you'd generally end up with relatively compatible missions at one time (and, I think, the better you were as a player, the more true this was). With the current picking, it's impossible to determine. Neither of these is a big deal, but they're slightly annoying.

One other bit of oddness comes out of the randomness (although it's possible that this one results from upgrading to the newest version (a much smaller upgrade, that mostly just adds some Christmas window-dressing and better mission icons) in the middle of the set of missions). Last time, I ended up with two difficulty stars left over after I completed the Barry level. We'll see if that repeats; it was odd. And no, those two stars did not carry over into the next mission set.

And one more note on the new mission set. I ran into one last night that says something like 'Travel 500m without touching floor or ceiling'. Unlike most missions with similar phrasing, this one can be done anywhere in the game, not just to start the game.

And one final thing on the big upgrade: there's also a new achievement, Dragon Fruit. Equip the Fruit Jetpack, and find Mr Cuddles.

Anyway, on to the list of all 62 original missions (in shorthand) with difficulty where I remember it:
Play three games (1)
Knock a hole in the wall five times (1)
ditto, 10 times (1)
Slide 50m on your face (2)
Fly 500m w/o coins (1)
ditto, 1km (2)
ditto, 1750m (3)
Travel 500m w/o vehicle (1)
ditto, 1km (2)
ditto, 1.5km (2)
Collect five vehicles (2)
Collect 2 spin tokens in one game (1)
ditto, 3 (2)
ditto, 4 (3)
Collect 200 coins in one game (1)
ditto, 300
ditto, 400
ditto, 750 (3)
Collect 1500 coins (1)
ditto, 2500
Collect 5 tokens (1)
ditto, 10 (2)
ditto, 15 (3)
Travel 300m in stomper, one run
ditto, teleporter
ditto, gravity suit
ditto, profit bird
Travel 250m on hog, one run
Travel 400m in stomper, one run
Travel 500m in teleporter, one run
Travel 2km in vehicle
Travel 1200m in teleporter (3)
Travel 750m on hog
Change gravity 30 times, one run (1)
ditto, 50 (1)
Knock down 25 scientists
Collect stomper 3 times
Cash in three spin tokens (1)
Win prize in final spin, 5 times (3)
Use bought head start (2)
Use bought final blast (3)
But something from stash (2) [can be another mission]
Travel 1km w/o machine gun jetpack
Reach 1500m
Near miss from missile
five of them
Ten near misses from zappers
ditto, in one game
and 100 (not one game)
75 high fives
10, one game
15, one game
25, one game
Brush 50 flashing lights
15, one game
Finish between 500 & 600
300-400 (1)
Rub roof 1000m
300, one game
Walk 1000m
300, one game

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