Joyriding on jetpacks...

I've been playing Halfbrick's Jetpack Joyride for quite a while now. I'm not great at it, as my best game is a little over 7km, but I have played all of the missions over fifty times.

Well, they decided to upgrade a couple of days ago, and this was a much bigger upgrade than any of the previous ones. Previously, "winning" consisted of going through 62 missions (you can solve up to three of them in one game) of varying difficulty.

In this upgrade, there were some cosmetic changes (most notably, adding a greenhouse section to the previous corridor, lab, warehouse, and aquatic areas).

But the big change was to the mission set, which had not been modified in previous releases.

My first time through, here are the missions I went through:

Go 250m in Lil Stomper (1 star)
Go 500m without collecting any coins (1)
Brush by 50 flashing lights (2)
Collect 2 spin tokens in one game (1)
Get 5 high-fives from scientists in one game (1)
Finish a game in 500-600m (1)
Fly over 50 zappers [it says, in one game, but it isn't] (2)
Smash the wall 5 times (1)
Destroy the profit bird (1)
Reach 900m w/o machine-gun jetpack (3)
3 Near misses from missiles (1)
Collect 300 coins in one game (2)
Travel 250m on foot in one game (1)
Get 100 high-fives from scientists (3)
Travel 150m in Mr Cuddles in one run (1)
Collect 7 spin tokens (2)
Travel 750m without collecting any coins (1)
Brush 12 flashing lights in one game (2)
Fly over 90 zappers [again, it says 'in one game', but doesn't mean it] (3)
Destroy Crazy Freakin' Teleporter 5 times (2)
Play 10 games (2)
Rub roof for 300m in one game (2)
3 Near-missiles, one game (3)
Buy item from stash (2)
Collect 3 tokens in one game (2)
Travel 350m w/o hurting scientists (2)
Go 4km (1)
Travel 350m in Lil Stomper, one run (2)
Have 10 near misses with zappers (1)
Travel 1000m w/o machine-gun jetpack (3)
Get 10 high-fives in one game (1)
Get 7 groups of coins [this is even easier than it sounds] (3)
Travel 400m on foot in one game (1)
Win 7 prizes in final spin (3)
Destroy Hog (1)
Brush 15 lights in one game (2)
Go 6km (2)
Rub roof for 500m in one game (2)
4 Near-missile (2)
30 high-fives in one game (3)
Go 1100m w/o collecting coins (2)
Go 300m in profit bird in one run (2)
Buy and use final blast (3)
Fly over 100 zappers [ditto] (3)
Smash wall 8 times (1)
Collect 1000 coins (2)
Travel 1250 on foot (2)
Destroy Gravity Suit 3 times (2)
Brush 17 lights, one game (3)
35 high-fives, one game (3)
Finish 1000-1100m (2)
Rub roof 1000m (2)
Collect 4 tokens in one game (3)
5 Near-missiles (3)
Travel 1100 w/o machine-gun jetpack (3)
Travel 1750m on Mr Cuddles (3)
Fly over 25 zappers, one game {and this time they mean it] (3)
Travel 1750m w/o collecting coins (3)

A couple of things to note here: lots of new missions and there are fewer than 62. A bigger surprise awaited the second time through. The missions changed, although I'll detail it more later.

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