Oh, when the tanks, come rollin' home, oh when...

I must admit to having rather mixed feelings about the recent news that the troops in Iraq are, in fact, coming home. I'm very glad for that (and for the troops themselves, especially), and have wanted it to happen for nine years or so, now. And I'm pretty surprised, because, despite Obama's campaign promises, I didn't really expect it to happen. But I also feel some cynicism because of the large number of State Department-led people (some of whom would be hard to classify as anything other than troops) who are remaining indefinitely.

I guess the most important part is to remember that it is a significant step forward. And it will greatly help the budget situation as well, because the State Department's whole budget for Iraq is only (HAH!) $5B.

So let's applaud this for what it is, and continue to hope for a complete pull-out, as well as a complete pull-out from Afghanistan.

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