Jetpack addenda

I mentioned that missions have become fluid. In a minute, I'll give the list of missions for my second pass through. But I forgot to mention a couple of other tweaks. The odds on final spins seem to have changed a bit (I say seem to have, because it could just be normal, random variation); added tokens and head starts seem more likely (the former by a lot, the latter by a bit).

In general, the game also seems a bit more difficult. Part of that is the greenhouse area, just because of the color scheme (the yellow zappers don't stand out as much as against the other backgrounds). I thought, perhaps, that threats might have gotten a touch closer together, but now I think that probably isn't the case. I suspect there might be slightly fewer horizontal zappers, though (they're less dangerous than the vertical or diagonal ones). But I'm not completely sure. I do know that I'm not doing as well.

Hmm. I seem not to have copied down all of the missions the second time, so I'll just mention some of the ones I hadn't seen before:

Travel 450m w/o harming scientists (2)
ditto, 700m (3)
70 high fives (3)
ditto, 55 (2)
20 flashing lights in one game (3)
1400m on hog (3)
275 coins in one game (2)
9 tokens (3)
1200, no coins (2)
3 groups of coins in one game (3)
reach 1750m (2)
reach 2400 (3)
travel 8km (forgot to copy down difficulty)

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