All men are (not?) born equal

I don't know a whole lot about adoption, and just found out something that surprised me greatly.

It turns out that it is much more expensive to adopt a white child than a black one. I must admit that this just blew my mind.

The story mentioned that it is likely driven by there being less demand for black children, and the adoption agencies change the pricing to encourage quicker adoption of the black children. A noble goal, I think, but awfully disturbing in implementation (and implication).

I wonder what drives the lower demand. Is it a simple matter of racism in action, that most white people don't want to adopt black children? Is simple numbers, that there are more white people, and therefor more of them doing the adopting? Is it economically driven, that adoption is expensive and more white people can afford it? Does it have something to do with there being more unwanted children from black women (I don't know if this is the case, but I've certainly read many things that at least suggest that it might be)?

I have no idea, but I'd be very curious to find out.

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