Focus on stacking

I just wanted to mention, briefly, that I've been playing around with two different focus-stacking tools, Helicon Focus and Zerene Stacker.  My trial period with both is about to run out, and I still haven't decided which one I'll get.

Neither one is clearly better than the other; at least, not if you don't need the advanced features of each (which, thankfully, I don't).  Both have trouble with hand-held attempts at stacking and give similarly-good results with mechanically-generated stacks.

I should also give a bit of a shout-out to the Camranger, which I've mentioned before.  That's what I'm using to generate my stacks, and it is just a fantastic piece of equipment.  My only reservation is durability potential.  No, I've had no trouble with it, but just wonder about the sturdiness of the plastic.

Still, I've been very happy with the results I've gotten out of the equipment and software.  Neat stuff.

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