Warbirds on the wing

Two weeks ago, my dad and I went down to the Virginia Beach area for an airshow.  This one was focused on WWII warbirds, and gave us some chances to try to perfect our technique for photography.

It was never going to be perfect, since WWII planes are not the fastest, but, for planes in the air, it did end up disappointing, as the rains came in just after the aerial portion of the show started.

But we still had a good time; we got some good shots of planes on the ground before that.  And I figured out how to tear down my telephoto setup in record time, to keep from getting it rained on.  It was a challenge to prevent (and my dad definitely helped), but we came through ok.

What I had the most fun with was playing around with my pole pixie and a painter's pole.  All of my good shots were taken with that.  I had an above-nose view of a B-17, a similar shot of a B-25, and even higher shots of a couple of fighters.  The most interesting, though, at least in terms of how I got it, was the cockpit of the B-17, where I was standing on the ground in the bomb bay, with the camera on the pole, shooting down the walkway into the cockpit.

Anyway, despite not getting as much practice as we'd hoped, it was still pretty cool.  I'm looking forward to further airshows, and experimenting more with the pole pixie.  I'm wondering, if we go back to the same airshow next year, if I'll still be the only one using one of those.

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