Clean sweep

Without the Caps around, I've not been watching a lot of hockey, but I've caught bits and pieces of games.

I just finished watching the last two periods of the Bruins/Penguins game.  It was hard to watch, in a way, as I didn't really want either team to win (in the last round, the only team in the East I could cheer a little bit for was the Sens, and that obviously didn't work out well).

But I dislike the Bruins a little bit less than the Penguins, so I generally wanted them to win.  I must admit, beyond that, I was mostly hoping for a long and bruising series, preferably with a lot of overtimes.  Instead, we got short and bruising, with one double-overtime.

I really was hoping the Pens would win tonight to extend the series, though.  So it was with mixed feelings that I watched the puck fly into Rask's glove as time expired tonight.

So congratulations to the Bruins on their sweep (I was impressed, they did make the Pens look downright bad for two games.  And in Pittsburgh, no less), and I hope they get steamrolled by whichever team wins out West (which certainly looks likely to be Chicago).

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