Farming Museum

I took my kids, today, to the Loudon Heritage Farm Museum.  A friend of ours was going, so we went along with them.

I wasn't too sure what to expect (thrown off by references to the Claude Moore Farm, which this was not.  This place is at Claude Moore Park in Sterling, however); I was expecting something with crops and brought only one lens, which would be good for that sort of thing.

The whole thing was inside, and dedicated to farming equipment (like an original McCormick Reaper) and kids activities (like a general store, and a fake cow that could be milked).  My son wasn't terribly thrilled for the most part, but my daughter had a blast once she found the kitchen with traditional implements (like an antique ice box, the second one I'd ever seen).  Although actually, the kids had as much fun with the door to the kitchen (which could be walked around, if the other kids weren't letting you in) as they did with the actual kitchen.  And my son did find some stuff to have fun with, it just took him quite a bit longer.

So despite the lack of good pictures (I'm just hoping I got some mediocre ones), we all had a good time.  And I was glad our friends were there, because, for once, the kids didn't want to do the same thing, so it was tough to keep track of them.  But despite the difficulty, they did stay out of trouble.

So we did end up having a good time; I just wish I'd taken a second lens (it would have been the only one I used).

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