CNN "news" coverage

I had to get a new ID card this morning, and while waiting to get it, I was forced to watch CNN.  If they actually had real news, that would have been fine, but no.  They had half an hour or more coverage on Gandolfini's passing (no offense meant to him or his family, but two minutes would have been more than enough).  Once they finally got through all facets of that, then they had to go talk about whether or not LeBron would be wearing his headband for tonight's game 7.

Seriously?  That's the best you've got?

I mean, if this were ET, or some equivalent, then I could understand it.  But this is the best that CNN can do?  Sad.  And to think they were once known for the depth and thoroughness of their news reporting.

Thank goodness I was able to leave at that point.  I hate to think where they might have gone next.

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