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I wasn't able to turn on the Ducks/Stars game before the second intermission, last night.  The Stars were already up 4-2, had been dominant at home (so far), and it didn't seem likely to be an interesting game.  But there were no other games on, and I'd already watched the Chelsea/Liverpool playoff game (and the Man City play-in game), so I watched it anyway.

As expected, it was mostly about the Ducks trying desperately to generate some offense.

To be honest, though, outside of one power play, they really didn't do much through the first seventeen and a half minutes or so.  But then Colgliano and Chiasson traded a few punches, resulting in matching minors for roughing.  I tweeted, at the time, that that wasn't to bright (of Cogliano), but man, did it work out well for them.

The rest of the game was all Ducks.  It took them only sixteen seconds to bring the game within a goal (probably helped by pulling Hiller), and they were definitely smelling blood.  They didn't get another in the four-on-four, but they were pressuring a lot, and did score two seconds after it ended (again, with Hiller pulled, of course).

That was just about it for the game, in fact.  It went into overtime, of course, as that goal was scored with less than half a minute remaining.  And overtime lasted a bit less than three minutes, with the first shot on goal (there were no shots that missed the goal, but too lazy to check if there were blocked shots) going in for the Ducks (Lehtinen was pretty far out of position on the goal), and securing the series win.

So congratulations, Bruce, on your second playoff series win (and second series that didn't go to seven games, I believe); good luck the rest of the way.

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