Ending on a low note

I watched the second, and much of the third, periods of the Blue Jackets/Penguins game last night. Things were looking great for the Jackets until a couple seconds left in the second. Then the Penguins worked it around, a Jacketed defender went down too early for the block, it was pulled around him and shot into the net. Time of the goal: 19:59.3. Oof.

The Jackets didn't collapse in the third, though.  In fact, they scored one minute in.  Unfortunately, I had to go change a diaper right as they scored.  So I didn't see either of the two goals that the Penguins scored in the next six minutes.  That was irritating, and depressing.

And it got even worse shortly thereafter.  A Penguins shot from the point by Maata was deflected twice (once by Jokinen, once by a defender; it started out low and right, rising, and ended up high and left, descending.  Definitely no chance for Bob).

And that's where it ended up, unfortunately.  The Jackets got a little bit of pressure after that, but no really good chances.  So it was a very disappointing ending to a game that had been going very well for Columbus.

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