Rangers run ragged

I was only able to watch the first period of last night's Rangers/Flyers potentially-deciding game.  And it started out well for the Rangers, as they were pressuring the Flyers and getting turnovers leading to good chances.  They a did couple of chances as well, but were getting the better of them for a while.

But then the Flyers got a power play, and things pretty much went to hell.  The Flyers kept a lot of pressure on, and ended up scoring with about fifteen seconds left in the power play.

And from there, it was pretty much all Flyers.  The Rangers certainly got some chances, but Mason was up to all of the challenges.

And after I turned it off, things were even more one-sided.  Simmonds (who had the first goal camping out at the side of the goal) ended up getting two more from a similar distance from the goal.  And each team had another pair of goals as well.

So the series heads back to New York for the deciding game.  I'm torn about who I'd like to see win.  In general, I dislike the Rangers a bit less than the Flyers, but the prospect of a Penguins/Flyers series is delicious.

I guess I'll just hope for a good game tonight.

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