Sky blue goes red

I was fortunate to be able to watch the Liverpool v Man City game from the weekend, last night.  And it was quite a game, with Liverpool attacking to build-up very quickly.  Kompany broke up the first several build-ups by being in the right place, but City wasn't able to do anything in return.

Five minutes in, things looked like they might be improving, as Suarez was carded for a bad tackle.

But things turned wrong very quickly thereafter, as Liverpool managed a very nice counter-attacking goal, with Sterling providing the finish after a couple of very nice fakes.  Then things got even worse, as Yaya Toure (sp?) had to go off for an injury (a pull or strain appeared to be the likely culprit).  It was less encouraging when his replacement got a yellow card on his first challenge.

Things evened out a little bit after that, insofar as City was finally able to mount a little bit of an attack.  But Liverpool won a corner off a counterattack around the twentieth minute (I almost forgot, but it was a corner instead of a goal due to an amazing save by Hart), and Skrtle converted on a beautiful header from a very sharp angle to make City's task appear nearly hopeless.

Liverpool kept up pressure for the rest of the half, but was unable to score another.

City came out firing in the second half (helped by a smart substitution, putting in... Manlin, maybe?), bringing immediate pressure.  Nasri and Silva looked far more dangerous, all of a sudden, and City scored one about fifteen minutes into the half.  As if that wasn't tense enough, they scored another (it was officially scored as an own goal, for reasons that are beyond me.  Yes, the shot deflected off a defender and the goalie, but I still don't see why that's enough to make it an own goal) only a few minutes later.

That made for a very tense rest of the game.

Liverpool fans were getting very concerned, but they managed to find the back of the net around the 80th minute after a badly failed clearing attempt by Kompany went right to Coutinho.

That forced City to push forward even more, and they were pushing hard when Henderson got a straight red for a hard tackle to put Liverpool down a man in stoppage time.

And that's just about when things went south for me, as the DVR had apparently stopped recording with a couple minutes left in stoppage time.  Thank goodness that was the final result; I'd've been about ready to kill someone if City had leveled after that and I'd missed it.

But it was one hell of a good game, regardless.  I'd been sure for quite a while that City was going to end up winning the league, but now I'm a doubter.  Liverpool will have to falter pretty badly, at this point.

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