I watched a chunk of the Penguins/Blue Jackets game earlier tonight.  I missed both of Malkin's early goals, but saw Columbus getting comfortably outplayed.

And then I saw the Pens score their third.  I was thinking of turning it off then, but didn't, right away.  But my son was refusing to eat his dinner, so I turned it off not too much after that.  So I missed Malkin completing the hat trick, as well as Columbus coming back enough to make a game of it in the third.  Wish I'd seen the latter part, even if they fell short.

Ah well, Penguins move on.  Not exactly a surprise, but certainly disappointing.

The next round for them will definitely be interesting.  Knowing that Pittsburgh won, I'd almost like to see the Flyers advance, just to see chaos ensue.  But I'd mostly be cheering for the meteor in that series, other than the schadenfreude of watching the two teams abuse each other.

It would certainly make for a pair of series, in the East, of teams that seriously dislike each other.

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