Riding high

I also watched a bit (the whole first period, I think) of the Dallas/Anaheim game last night.  And it was pretty near all Dallas; the Stars were really flying, and keeping a lot of pressure on the Ducks.

Anderson looked very good in net for Anaheim, though, and kept the Ducks in it.  Despite a number of very good chances, Benn (Jamie edition) was the only one to find the net in that period.

Koivu had an outstanding chance at one point, alone in the slot with Lehtonen down, but was unable to get it past Keri.

In general, I was impressed with the Stars, with their speed and forechecking ability (jealous might be a better word; the Caps only have one line that approaches that).  The hitting was very hard, on both sides of the puck, and I have to wonder how the 40-year-olds in the series are going to do.  We'll have to see on that.

Anyway, I needed to go to bed, so I missed the Stars maintaining their steady attack, and scoring two more goals while allowing none.

So we're still waiting for this series to start, I guess, given that the home team has won all three.

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