I read, yesterday, about the full lunar eclipse that happened last night.  Here, it started around one AM, reached peak around four AM, and ended by about seven AM.

I debated setting an alarm to help me wake up to observe it last night, but ended up not bothering.  However, I did wake up around four, to go to the bathroom, and decided to walk outside to see how things looked.

Well, I needn't have bothered; the cloud cover was complete, so there was no chance of getting a picture at all.

I wandered back to bed, glad that I hadn't even bothered to search for the camera, proper lens, and heavy tripod.  Still disappointed, though; I've never seen a lunar eclipse.

Supposedly, there'll be another on October eighth; will hope for clearer skies, then.  And will remember to check the cloud map before going to bed.

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