NHL Recap on the night

I watched roughly the second half of the first period of last night's Flyers/Rangers game, so I saw both first-period goals (and it was a beautiful forecheck on that Flyers goal, much as I hate to say it).

It was looking, for a while, like the Flyers would cruise.  But, boy howdy, did that change in the third.  Thanks to a pair of power-play goals, the Rangers just walked home with it.

And I really wish I'd watched the Hawks/Blues game.  Triple overtime?!?

And wow, did San Jose ever handle LA.  Definitely didn't expect that.  Despite Jones being perfect in his period of work for LA, if Quick has to come out again, LA is in serious trouble.  Although, now that I saw the highlights, you can't really blame Quick for any of the three goals I saw.  Any one of those would have taken a near-miraculous save.

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