Tipping the piper

Just briefly, the Supreme Court today decided that handing over democracy entirely to the 1% is a good move.  To wit, they decided that private donors can now donate to an unlimited number of federal candidates, and donate as much as they want to a party.

At this point, the current Supreme Court is only a step away from eliminating all limits on campaign contributions.  This is ridiculous.

I think we need a new government agency (well, a new part of the FEC, probably) that will be a transaction controller to force anonymization of contributions.  I don't love the idea, but it at least eliminates possible quid pro quo for political contributions.  If you don't know where the money came from, you won't feel an obligation to help them.

There'd be some work to do, to control how the money is disbursed (you can't just give all of it out as soon as it's received; well, maybe in the last couple days, but not before), but it would improve things, in the same way as adopting voting tactics that made it impossible to directly purchase votes.

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