And the rain came

Got out at my normal time, this morning.  Only did fifteen miles, and I did that in a weird mix of "I'm on a second recovery ride" and "I feel pretty good, so let's push here".

I was a bit annoyed at the air vents in those Northwave boots, though.  As suspected, they did let quite a bit of water in the bottom of the boots.  So my feet got very wet.  Not a really big deal, because this wasn't a super-long or super-cold ride, but definitely annoying.  (Really, despite the water, my feet never got at all cold.)

It will end up having been really annoying, though, if they aren't dry by tomorrow morning, because it's supposed to be really frigid.  As in, I'll be wearing extra socks (and thinking about booties), if the boots are dry.  And if they aren't dry; I'm not sure.  It's a certainty that my summer shoes, even with booties, are not warm enough for 21 degrees, which is what's expected.

And I still need to make sure my cold-weather booties fit over the boots (which are a little wider than my shoes; the shoes are already a tight fit for the booties).  If not, I might need to get an extra-large pair.  Spending the extra money for that would definitely blow chunks.

One thing that is for sure, is that I'll be putting tape over the vents of the boots when going out in the rain, in future.  I'll also be wearing my heavy baselayer with my warmest jacket; I won't be wearing the middle layer I just got, though.  I think that'll be fine, along with my second-warmest pair of tights (saving the warmest ones for wet weather, mostly).

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