Riding for warmth

Freakin' cold, this morning.  So cold, in fact, that my iPhone shut itself off half a mile or so before I got back home.  The irony there is that the message when I tried to turn it back on was that the phone needed to cool off.  Heh.

But I wish the forecast would understate the cold, rather than saying it'll be warmer; that's several days in a row that predicted several degrees warmer than what we got.

The ride itself was pretty nice, though.  I debated taking the shorter route again this morning, but I'm glad I didn't.  I felt pretty good once I got a little further down the road (or path, as the case may be).

In fact, I only took two gloves this morning, and I think that worked better than the three I used yesterday.  Shifting was a little more annoying, but my hands didn't get as cold.  I wonder, too, if that had something to do with riding harder this morning.

One thing I certainly noticed was that the inside of my jacket was very sweaty when I got home.  I'm thinking that's not a good thing, although I'm not sure what can be done about it. That was the softshell jacket, and I think I'll be going with that anytime it gets below twenty, if for no other reason than that it has an inside pocket for my phone.  I didn't like losing part of my ride, and I'd be seriously pissed if it lost a bigger chunk.

One thing that surprised me, this morning, was that there were more people running and biking today than yesterday or (less surprise there) the day before.  And I thought I'd get through my whole ride before someone returned my "good morning", but two people (both close to the end of my ride) did end up returning it.

If the weather forecast isn't off, again, tomorrow is supposed to be right around freezing.  I'm looking forward to that as a nice change.  Then a couple more days around the mid-twenties, and then it gets warmer for several days (if wet).

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