"The answer, my friend, is blowing in the wind..."

I don't have a whole lot to say about the Caps win over the 'Canes on Saturday.  I missed the '+' in the channel indication beforehand, and didn't get the game recorded (plus, I was really tired that night, and probably wouldn't have watched nearly all anyway).  So I turned it on to see the Caps up 3-1.  Being that tired, I was tempted to turn it off immediately, and the goal scored eleven seconds later did nothing to disabuse me of that notion.

But I held on long enough to see them cough up the rest of the lead, but turn up the intensity in overtime enough to win it.

The announcers kept saying that the Caps had dominated, earlier in the game, but they definitely weren't doing so when I was watching.

Still, hard to get upset at a win, even if it wasn't the clean one that it should've been.

Looking at the box score, does look like the Caps impressively dominated the first, did well in the second, went to sleep for much of the third, and then dominated the OT.  And that's certainly in line with the Caps history over the OV era.  Which is not a good thing.

What is a good thing is that they kept shots against below thirty again.  If they can keep doing that, and stop taking periods off, then they'll be more than fine on the season.

Next up is Columbus, on Tuesday, who have been hammered by injuries.  Hopefully the Caps can keep the win streak going.

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