Wave good-bye

I didn't pay a whole lot of attention to the election that just passed, several days ago.  I knew I was voting, and I knew for whom I was voting, but wasn't thinking about it much beyond that.

I had seen some encouraging articles in the lead-up, and did expect things to go a bit (well, ok, a lot) better than they did.

The whole thing largely blows my mind, though.  One group does everything it can to prevent anything substantive from happening (including shutting down the government), and is rewarded with control of both houses of Congress.

I'm thinking the over/under on another government shutdown is three months.  If Ted Cruz maintains the influence he's somehow gotten, then it'll be shorter.  If not, then it might not even happen for the foreseeable future.

So the big question is, are Republicans ready to actually govern.  So far, with one house of Congress, they have shown no interest.  With both houses, they'll need to do so.

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