Was warmer, today

After the big dinner last night (and especially after over-indulging in the delicious cake), I wasn't feeling great when I went to bed.  I even skipped most of my stretching routine (probably a mistake).

And I slept in, this morning.  There was a (long) time where that would mean I got up at noon, or later.  These days, it means I got up at 0600.  Weird how that works.  (In fact, I was talking to a friend later in the day, and mentioned that I'd slept in.  He was like, "No you didn't; you answered the phone when I called at 0830.  Sleeping in, for you, means noon, at least."  Yeah, not so much, anymore.)

Anyway, I had a bit of trouble getting moving, but did get things together and got out the door.

The temperature was a lot warmer; right at freezing, supposedly.  I experimented with my knee warmers, and they did fine (though the one-inch gap between them and my socks felt weird).  I also wore non-bib shorts, and worried about a gap there.  No worries, though; everything was copacetic, as far as warmth was concerned.

Outside of that, lots of things went... not well.  My heart rate meter dropped out after half a minute or so.  Even more concerning, my power meter dropped out after seven miles (and I only did eight, as this was a recovery ride).  This is the third time I've had issues with the power meter; we'll see how they handle it.

And then, the crowning insult came when I got home.  The inside door from the garage to the house was locked.  To say I was unhappy is understating it rather significantly.  Hope that doesn't happen again.

Happily, the rest of the day went pretty well.  Well, until I turned on last night's Caps game finally.  But I'll talk about that separately.

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