"It'll be warmer tomorrow"

[note: wrote this yesterday, but forgot to post until this morning]

That's what the weather forecast said when I checked it last night.  Of course, it still listed a low of 29 degrees, and the up-and-down temperature chart that Weather Underground does (and which I love) went down to 27 degrees.

I put a bunch of warm stuff together for the ride, and got underway at 0530.  Roughly at which point, I discovered that it was actually twenty-four degrees.  Oof.  I was very glad I brought the liner gloves in my jacket pockets.  I got seven miles in before I needed to pull those out and put them on.

By the end of my ride (2:06 duration), my fingers were getting close to numb, and my toes were distinctly cold as well.  So, high twenties is the limit for those boots with my normal socks; will have to put another layer of socks underneath.  And I guess I need warmer gloves.

Aside from the cold, though, not a bad ride.  It helped a lot getting me ready for the huge dinner at my step-mom's birthday party.

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