A bit of a hiccup

Saturday morning, I got up about my normal time and got out of the house ok.  I was going to the group ride, but I started a bit early, and did a few miles just meandering around my neighborhood.  I eventually made it to the meet-up Starbucks, and was still a bit early.  Since I can't get my phone onto my home wifi network, I finally remembered to turn it on and see if I could get to Starbucks'.

That seemed to work fine, and to test it, I opened the Strava app (which came up fine).  But when we went to leave, I tried to tell Cyclemeter to start recording again, and I couldn't get the app to come back.  Force-quitting Strava didn't help.  Force-quitting Cyclemeter didn't help either.  I couldn't use Wahoo Fitness or Strava to record, because I didn't have all the sensors paired.

Not having any time (the others were literally pedaling away), I had to put the problem away and just ride without recording.  We did a fairly long ride (about 32 miles, based on past experience), and that worked out to a decent experience.  The one downside was that my legs were really tired, for some reason, and I was having trouble keeping up.  I managed, but it wasn't fun, and I was just as happy we were going with a quickly-rolling pace line (only leading long enough to get clear of the last guy, basically).  Outside of when we were doing that, I was mostly trailing.

I had a decent time, overall, but my legs were quite sore.  Hopefully, it'll go better this week.

Saturday night, I had my 25th High School reunion.  It was a pretty good time, although I was a little disappointed that the only people from my class who showed up were the ones I've seen in the last couple years.  I'm certainly glad they showed up, but wish a few others had showed up as well.

The point in bringing it up, however, is that it kept me awake until very late (the fact that I wasn't able to watch the third period of the Caps game until afterwards doesn't help either).  So there was zero chance of getting up early on Sunday for a long ride, as I might have done otherwise.

In fact, it brought into question the whole idea of getting up at the normal time.  I managed that, but it was a struggle (I had to resort to my mantra about choosing to ride, which I hadn't done in several months).

So I did get out, but I still hadn't figured out how to deal with cyclemeter (I had tried a bit more; even rebooting the phone didn't help), so I was stuck trying to give it a go with Wahoo Fitness.  That might have worked ok, except that I couldn't figure out why my speed and mileage data fields weren't showing up.  When I finished the ride, I realized that it had to be because I hadn't allowed Fitness access to location data.  So I had 1:09:22 time, elevation (888', amusingly), and heart rate data, but nothing else.

Since it was my shortest "standard" ride, I knew the mileage, but there was no way to export to Strava.  So I had to do a manual upload for the second day in a row, which was irritating.

As for the ride itself, it was a little chilly, but went pretty smoothly.  Afterwards, I crashed out on the couch for a while (I don't know how long).

The day was busy with kids' stuff, but at least I managed to get in bed reasonably early; I certainly needed the sleep.  I set the alarm for a few minutes early, so I could get a couple extra miles in.  I got up right away, when it went off, but was a little disoriented for a couple minutes.

Once I was up, I tried to get it all in order, and did get most things.  The one thing I couldn't manage was pairing my power meter with Wahoo Fitness.  Not sure what was going on, there, but it couldn't be seen, even after putting in a new battery.

I managed to get the ride in, that I was looking for, and it went pretty well.  Actually, I was trying to go a little bit harder (or at least at a higher candence) than usual, and I thought I might have managed that.  After the fact, though, I'm not sure, because Strava pegged me at about the same average speed, but with good heart-rate numbers.

What's bad, though, is that Fitness kept pausing itself while I was riding.  Mostly, it fixed itself within a few seconds, but a couple of times it couldn't.  Pulling a phone out, unlocking it, and playing with the screen is not fun, when you're moving (don't do it unless you're on an empty road or trail.  And even then, be very cautious).

The result is that it lost about two miles distance, in aggregate, along with an unknown amount of time.  Strava fixed the distance (and elevation, presumably); I don't know what it was able to do with the time.  All in all, very frustrating.

The good news is that I figured out the Cyclemeter problem while riding.  Deleting the program and re-installing it fixd the problem, and it had an internal cloud backup of the data, so that was great.  I lost two days, but not the eight months or more that preceded them.  Not great, but worlds better than I was expecting.

Tomorrow, I'm not sure what I'll do; my legs felt great both yesterday and today, so no worries there.  And I think I kept the heart rate down (the first six miles had no heart rate data, for unknown reason) quite well; at least, I did on the latter two-thirds.

More importantly, the Caps are playing another home Game 7 tonight.  I'm not looking forward to it at all, but I'll be watching.  And if they win, then they get to go face a well-rested Rangers team.  Lovely.  Go Caps!

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