Not the best start

Riding didn't really get off on the right foot again, this morning.  The temperature started out a few degrees colder than expected, which was made a bit worse by my wearing a lighter base layer than I really should have, with the jersey I wore.

Plus, almost as soon as I got moving, I found that both my power meter and my heart rate meter were dead again (which works out to something like a week's life for each battery).  Not cool.

Then, I found that that sore spot from yesterday was back, very quickly.  But fortunately, I was able to shift around on the seat (and/or shift my posture) such that it stopped bothering me.  Score one for the good guys, there.

I ended up doing a two hour ride, and it was quite pleasant.  Aside from the fact that I might well have overexerted myself due to not having any power or pulse feedback, it was a very easy ride.  Average speed was pretty good, at 13.4mph over the two hours (and a couple minutes; further corroboration to my theory about Competitive Cyclist credit, as that did earn a $2 credit).  That worked out to just short of twenty-eight miles, with 960' of elevation (I was a little disappointed that the elevation wasn't a bit better).

The one irritation once I'd been moving for a while was that I didn't bring my camera.  The sunrise over the Potomac was quite lovely, and I'd've loved to have captured that, somehow.  Can't make up for it next time, but maybe sometime soon.

Tomorrow the weather should be pretty nice, at 45F and dry.  Unfortunately, unless I wake up super early (for me), I still won't be able to do much more than an hour of riding.  I need to actually go in to work, and not even to my normal location, so that's going to pretty well hose my day.  I need to finish a bit early, and get on the road quite a bit early.  And I probably won't have much time to help get the kids ready either.  Not good at all.

One note on the diet today, too.  We went out for a really nice brunch with the whole family (both sets of grandparents).  There was a good selection, and I ate a tremundo amount mostly keeping to my diet.  But I decided that I'd cheated enough that I'd actually get desert (the cherries jubilee were calling, and they were delicious).  Then I went back several more times for the cherries jubilee, as well as for a couple of fresh-made cinnamon rolls (I blame this one on the smell of cinnamon from the graham cracker my youngest was eating when we left the house).

Bundle that all together, and I'm pretty sure I nuked the diet for the meal.  Hopefully I can get it back together tomorrow; going to the new location, I have no idea what will be available for lunch.  If not, I guess there's no reason to think it'll be a problem to fix it the day after and beyond.  But annoying that it might need it.  We'll see.

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